K-pop star and ASTRO member Moon Bin passes away at 25

ASTRO member Moon Bin passes away at 25 : The devastating news of ASTRO member Moon Bin’s passing rocked the K-pop and K-drama community. Moonbin’s manager discovered him dead at his home in Seoul’s Gangnam neighbourhood yesterday at around 8:10 p.m., according to the police. According to the officials, Moonbin looks to have committed suicide. A possible autopsy to ascertain the precise cause of death is being discussed at the moment.

Moon Bin passes away at 25
Moon Bin passes away at 25

Moon Bin passes away at 25

As a member of the popular K-pop group ASTRO, Moonbin had a promising future. He was also set to give performance at several events, including the Dream Concert, as a member of the duo Moonbin & Sanha. Moon Bin appeared in numerous k-dramas and variety shows as a guest actor, but he also co-starred in Mermaid Prince and Soul Plate with other ASTRO members.

The untimely news of Moonbin’s passing stunned those who loved him and the K-pop scene, leaving many in shock and sadness. However, it also raises serious problems surrounding the demands placed on K-pop idols and the value of mental health support.

We send our sincere condolence to Moon Bin’s loved ones, friends, and supporters.

Fantagio Statement on Moon Bin’s Passing

Moon Bin’s agency, Fantagio, issued the following statement:

“We apologise for having to deliver such sad and devastating news. Moon Bin, an ASTRO member, abruptly left our world on April 19 and turned into a star. The loss of their beloved son and sibling cannot be compared to our grief, but ASTRO members who have been together for a long time, along with our fellow artists and staff members at Fantagio, are in shock and deep mourning.”

“We want to send our condolences to everyone who helped Moon Bin and showed him unconditional love. We are more aware than anyone of how deeply he loved and cared for his admirers, which makes it ache much more to deliver this shocking news.”

“We sincerely urge that spiteful and speculative reports be avoided out of respect for the mourning family who are deeply hurt by shocking news.”

Finally, the funeral is going to be held quietly, as desired by the family, with just family, friends, and coworkers present. We once more extend Moonbin our deepest condolences as he makes his final voyage.

Please don’t be afraid to ask for help or to reach out if you would like to talk to someone. You may see a list of international hotlines HERE. If your country isn’t listed, please call your local emergency number.

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